Are we actually built for technology?

“Phishing is a common way of attacking a large volume of users on the internet and simply makes use of the fundamental need to trust.

This need or desire to trust, common in our nature, means that a well worded, seemingly legitimate email will most likely be actioned in the intended way.

In more technical attacks, the site would exploit a common weakness within the computer system to implant malicious programs designed to capture keystrokes or spy on the screen.

However, a more common form of attack is to simply guess the password. Again, the concept of remembering a complex password is opposed to our own nature, and as such, is more likely to result in an associate password being used. This of course leaves the users thinking they are secure by virtue of having a password, but in reality it serves no purpose.

A recent survey highlighted the most common password in use on a free major web based email platform was in fact “123456.”All of these points lead us to the question, is a simple password enough security? Are we in fact programmed to simplify security to the point of attack? While we build technology are we actually built for it?”


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