Argos pushes multi-channel message

Argos is launching a television advertising campaign to promote its multi-channel shopping proposition.


The catalogue chain says it wants customers to know that there is a range of ways of shopping with the chain across catalogue, online, and mobile shopping with in-store pickup and home delivery.

The catalogue retailer hopes to coin the phrase “Argosing it” to reflect how its multi-channel options help its busy customers.

The ad introduces “the Argos effect” and asks: “what if you could apply the speed, ease and multi-channel convenience of Argosing it to any situation?”

Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Argos head of brand marketing, says: “In everything we do, we want to emphasise the unique benefits of ’Argosing it’. This ad is the first of a series that shows people how ’Argosing it’ can save them time and effort in getting what they want, when they want it.”

The TV ads will be supported with radio, press, and online activity to push the “Argosing it” concept.

The television campaign launches on Friday 28 May.

In January, Argos revealed a new brand identity and logo – its first brand refresh in 10 years.



Real meaning of CSR

Marketing Week

Mark Ritson is right when he says brand repositioning is almost always impossible (Rebranding cannot plug credibility gap, MW 13 May). But it can work – just take a look at M&S or Skoda. However, it will only work when the intentions and beliefs of what is created are a) authentic and b) delivered upon. Otherwise, yes, it is a sham of a marketing paint job – albeit a very expensive and neatly articulated one in BP’s case. In as much as this was “greenwash” it was also “brandwash”. And in both counts the brand and marketing industry are as culpable as the corporates who commission them.