Ariel revamps brand with new stain removal technology

Ariel is revamping its brand through the introduction of revolutionary new technology called Actilift across its portfolio.

The brand says Actilift will “demonstrate a breakthrough in stain removal technology that will not only remove stains, but also help prevent them from setting in – even when used in a cool wash.”

The new variants of Ariel will be available from today (15 January) and will be backed by a marketing investment that includes in-store support, TV and print advertising, PR, online and sampling.

Procter & Gamble, owners of Ariel say the rand revamp will follow in the footsteps of the Ariel Excel Gel launch, another portfolio-wide upgrade.

Jared Regan, Ariel marketing manager at P&G, says: “When it comes to category innovation, Ariel really does set itself apart from other brands. Consumers continue to demand a cleaner wash and the ability to use less energy while doing so. This is where Ariel with Actilift will really deliver. Not only does it remove dried in stains and help prevent them from setting in, this superior technology, like the Ariel Excel Gel advancement that came before it, will provide fantastic results in a cool wash.”


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