Ariston’s no-grills marketing

Giuliano Gnagnatti, the man behind the Ariston washing machine advertisements featuring a bonking couple, is busy working on other ways of getting the most out of your white goods.

His company, Merloni Domestic Appliances, has come up with a series of recipes ranging from Oriental Sea Bass to pasta dishes. The vital ingredient every time is… an Ariston dishwasher.

As the ingredient list for the Sea Bass shows, Gnagnatti is not messing. One Ariston dishwasher; two metres tin foil; one 3lb Sea Bass, gutted, scaled and cleaned; piece of fresh ginger, grated; one bunch spring onions; two tablespoons sesame oil; two tablespoons light soya sauce.

The original GGT ad caused complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority. The recipes are a less controversial bet, but remember to clean the dishwasher and empty the detergent first.


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