Army launches TV push for young recruits

The British Army has launched a TV push to recruit 10,000 new candidates in a move to challenge “misconceptions” it is not hiring.


The ‘Step Up’ TV spot launches today (20 May) and is filmed from the perspective of a pair of army boots to show the journey a soldier may take during their career.

Facebook, Twitter and outdoor promotions will support the JWT created advert.

The activity is aimed at 16 to 24 year-olds as part of an overhauled recruitment process which will see army positions advertised in job centres.

Zoe Boustead, marketing director for the Army Recruiting Group says: “The creative idea behind the campaign is to put members of the public into the boots of an Army recruit and show them what a potential career in the Army could look like. Jobcentre Plus clinics up and down the country aim to open people’s mind to the idea of a career in the Army and give them the opportunity to explore what the Army can offer them.”

The push for younger recruits comes just weeks before the Army is to axe around 5,000 roles as part of wider cuts to the country’s defence budget.



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