Arty tails are no feather in BA’s cap

Michael Wolff may well be right that “BA’s world tails will evolve into an ever more magnificent collection of images that celebrate diverse cultures” (MW May 7).

That would be fine if it were running an art gallery. It is not, it is trying to build an airline brand that will be recognised quickly and easily among the plethora of other images that we all see each day. That brand is one single culture – the thing distinguishes BA from all the other airlines.

It may come as a surprise to BA, but most of us build our impression of its brand from what happens inside the cabin. If it really wants to celebrate its customers’ different cultural backgrounds this is the place to do it, even if it means getting rid of those grey interiors, dowdy uniforms and and retraining all the staff.

It’s nothing to do with a “can’t do” mentality – just blindingly obvious.

Robin Joy



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