As good a time as any to start

It is always good to remember advice handed down by a mentor of a current Mentor. One such gem, subsequently published in 2000 (in Global AdAge), enthused: “I would set a career path to see how many companies I could build to sell… and say hey, every six years I’ll set up a new company.”

The mentor on this occasion was none less than David Bell, now heading Interpublic. Along with other group heads, he will now be fighting to stop his talent going independent and starting up new businesses. History suggests that there is no better time to start an agency than in an economic slowdown.

And where will the big groups be in six years’ time, when their hunger returns and they want to acquire decent businesses?

So taking Bell’s advice has to be an attractive option: start a business now to make him and the other agency group heads happy in 2009. It’s a win-win.

Clive Mishon


Mentor Marketing & Investment

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