…as Tesco adds bite to its Clubcard programme

Tesco has revealed it is to increase the payback on its Clubcard loyalty scheme on a tactical basis following tests in two stores.

The move comes amid fears that the one per cent discount offered by the Clubcard may not be enough to maintain shoppers’ interest.

The chain doubled the points offered on its Clubcard in stores in Gateshead and Redditch for a two-week period. Nationally, the card offers one point for every 5 spent over 10. The two stores ran an offer which hiked it to two points – doubling the card’s discount.

Tesco says the move is in response to rival supermarkets opening in local areas.

“We have the scope to use the Clubcard in a tactical way,” says a spokesman, though he adds that there are no plans at present to introduce the promotion to other stores.

But one observer says that Tesco may be forced to increase the discount on its Clubcard nationally.

“Tesco could be locking itself into customer dissatisfaction when statements arrive at

the end of the year showing, say, a 50 reward after spending 100 every week for a year,” he says.