ASA approves health claims in food ads

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has cleared two ads that attracted complaints about their nutritional claims.

A McCann Erickson campaign for Shreddies was criticised by viewers for implying the cereal was more nutritious than its rivals, when the actual comparison was with a glucose drink.

The ASA found that the comparison was made clear, and said that many children would substitute a glucose drink for a proper breakfast.

Other ads in the campaign had to be altered last year after the ASA ruled that some claims made were unsatisfactory (MW September 1, 2005).

A JWT poster for Kingsmill bread, that stated two slices of its “Wonder White” contained more fibre than a banana, drew a complaint from the Food Commission. It objected to the type of nutritional analysis used, and said the ad implied that the bread was better for people than the fruit.

But the ASA ruled that the ad did not suggest that the product was more nutritious than bananas.

Separately, an ad for phone service 0800 Reverse, starring former Neighbours actress Holly Valance, has been deemed misleading by the ASA and cannot be shown in its current form.


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