ASA backing for L Word imagery

The advertising watchdog has not upheld complaints against the most controversial non-broadcast ad this year. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received 650 complaints against a poster campaign for The L Word, a show about lesbian friends in Los Angeles.

The posters feature photographs of women’s bodies from chest to thigh wearing only knickers and covered in body oil. The complainants objected that the ads are offensive, degrading to women and unsuitable for children.

One poster shows a woman wearing knickers with the text “hello girls”.Her hand is shown tugging down one side of her knickers.

The ASA has ruled that, while the complainants may have objected to the advertising of a homosexual TV programme, the images are neither gratuitous nor explicit.

v The ASA has upheld a complaint against a poster for Cerveza beer owned by Scottish Courage, which features the scarred torso of a man in bullfighting attire. It was created by Harrison Troughton Wunderman, has the tagline: “Cerveza de Passion”.

The ASA has ruled that the poster links alcohol to physical challenge, bravery and daring, and has asked the advertiser not to repeat the approach. Scottish Courage has agreed to its withdrawal.


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