ASA bans Iggy Pop Swiftcover ad

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned a Iggy Pop-fronted television campaign for because it misleadingly implies the rock star has insurance with the brand despite the insurer not offering cover to entertainers.

The ad, created by Mortimer Whittaker O’Sullivan, features Pop stating “I got it Swiftcovered. I got insurance on my insurance.”

The watchdog says that some viewers might consider Pop’s statement to mean he held a policy with the AXA-owned online insurer, which excludes those working in the entertainment industry from car insurance.

AXA says Pop did not state that he has a policy and that his occupation is irrelevant because he did not say the insurer might not cover certain jobs in the ad.

Clearcast, which offers pre-transmission examinations for TV campaigns, says it received a written “testimonial” from Pop stating: “I confirm that my opinion of the product was gained after I had been requested by the advertiser/advertising agency to try the product.”

The ASA says the ad must not be broadcast in its current form.


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