ASA bans Magners ice breaker TV ads

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned a television advertisement for Magners cider because it suggests that alcohol boosts confidence and can lead to successful social situations.

The watchdog says the ad, which shows people chatting in a pub and states the cider is the “perfect ice breaker” which ensures “the conversation flows”, carries the implication that Magners could help start and maintain conversation in a social setting.

Magners argues that it is natural to see conversation between friends in a social setting in most ads for alcohol brands, just as it is between people in any bar in real life. It adds that the ads do not include any sexual innuendo or any alcohol-induced change in behaviour.

The cider brand says the “perfect ice breaker” line is a play on words,  referring to the draught variant of Magners having no ice, unlike the regular pint serving.

The ASA says the ad, created by Young Euro RSCG, must not be broadcast again in its current form.

Meanwhile, the watchdog has banned a poster campaign for sports betting service because it presents gambling as an alternative investment to bank savings.

The watchdog says the ad, which suggests a return of 13.56% on investment, is misleading and irresponsible, as the claim can not be proven because the site’s owner, Sohi Capital Partners, did not respond to its enquiries.


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