ASA censors Barclaycard ‘motel’ TV ad for theft cover

ASAThe Advertising Standards Authority has banned a Barclaycard TV ad promoting gadget insurance because it implies that it covers all gadgets rather than being limited to three.

The ad, created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, features Green Wing stars Stephen Mangan and Julian Rhind-Tutt in a comedy situation at a motel. Rhind-Tutt’s character enters a motel room to find his friend handcuffed to a bed and all his stuff stolen.

Rhind-Tutt says: “‘Course if you had a Barclaycard all your fancy gadgets could have been insured, laptop, phone, new camera.” The on-screen text says: “Maximum three gadgets totalling £500”.

The ASA has ruled that it may be possible to purchase a laptop, mobile phone and digital camera for under £500, but for many people the combined value of these items would exceed that amount. The ad was found to be misleading, and the ASA has asked Barclaycard not to broadcast the ad in its current form.

The watchdog has also censured car marque Lexus for a press ad, created by CHI & Partners, that makes misleading environmental claims. The ad, for its luxury hybrid SUV, uses the strapline “Perfect for today’s climate (and tomorrow’s)”, which the ASA has ruled is misleading because it falsely implies the vehicle causes little or no harm to the environment.

The ASA has also upheld complaints against for claiming Poker is “a sport of courage, conviction and confidence” because it could encourage gambling.


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