ASA deems Konami ad irresponsible

Konami of Europe has been slammed by the Advertising Standards Authority for an ad for computer game Crime Life Gang Wars showing a group of black men holding guns, alongside the headline: “Rule the streets or fall by the wayside.”

Konami has argued that the men – members of the rap group D12 – had approved the use of the image. But the ASA ruled that the ad is irresponsible because it depicts black men in a negative way and could be seen to be condoning violence. It ordered Konami not to run it again.

⢠The ASA has criticised children’s charity NSPCC for a mailing that looked like a birthday card but was part of a campaign aimed at raising awareness of child abuse. The ASA upheld a complaint that the NSPCC was wrong not to clearly state that it was a marketing mailing, but has rejected a complaint that it might be distressing to people who had been abused.

⢠The Farmers’ Union of Wales has complained to the ASA about a press campaign for animal rights charity RSPCA, which appeals for public support to stop badger culling in the fight against bovine tuberculosis.


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