ASA demands Lastminute ‘Gary Glitter’ ads pulled, the travel company, has been censured by advertising watchdog the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for trying to sell children’s theatre by linking it with convicted sex offender Gary Glitter.

An e-mail advertising children’s plays in London’s West End featured two young boys’ faces and the title “Doing it for the kids”.

The e-mail continued: “Like Gary Glitter in a sweet shop, you too can have your pick of kiddy treats in London’s theatre world. If you don’t know what to do with your lovely sprogs, get them off the X-box and into the theatre⦔ The e-mail has been withdrawn.

⢠The ASA has meanwhile not upheld complaints against a poster ad for Unilever’s Domestos, which says: “Kill flu germs: it’s self defence, millions of germs will die”. Eleven complainants said the ad misleadingly implies the product can destroy the germs that cause flu.

⢠Objections to a cinema ad for Jammie Dodger biscuits, have also not been upheld. The ad, showing a boy sitting at the table while his mother puts away shopping, was claimed to encourage unhealthy eating because it showed a bag of Brussels sprouts being ripped open by figurines made of jam.


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