ASA forces Kraft to ditch Dairylea ‘Good Stuff’ claim

Kraft Foods has been banned from using the claim that Dairylea Lunchables are “Packed with Good Stuff” by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

It follows complaints from three people that the strapline made the range sound healthier than it is given some products are high in salt and saturated fat. The claim was made in an internet campaign that supported a recent reformulation of the range to reduce levels of saturated fat and remove artificial flavours.

Kraft argued the claim was justified because it highlighted the nutritional enhancements made to the products. It says Lunchables are marketed as an occasional fun and tasty treat and “nutritionally comparable” to a homemade sandwich.

Furthermore, the campaign was aimed at an adult audience and did not describe products as low fat, low salt or natural. But the ASA deemed it in breach of the substantiation and truthfulness clauses and ruled the claim must not be repeated in future advertising.

The ASA has also upheld complaints about an HSBC TV ad that claimed the bank did not charge for worldwide withdrawals from its Account Plus. However, a levy of 2.75% on currency conversions when withdrawing from cash machines abroad was deemed by the ASA to be a transaction fee.

Meanwhile, Ann Summers can continue using the strapline “Making Devon Cream” on a poster campaign. The ASA ruled that despite being distasteful to some, it was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence or be understood by children.


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