ASA investigates ‘too aggressive’ Wanadoo ad

M&C Saatchi is back in the dock over its latest television ad for internet provider Wanadoo, featuring three youngsters dancing and slamming into each other. The ad, which shows a form of dancing calling “moshing”, has triggered eight complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for promoting violent behaviour.

This comes just two weeks after a previous ad was banned by the ASA for its “irresponsible” depiction of young people playing in a scrapyard (MW March 17). The ad triggered 68 complaints.

Complainants against the “moshing” ad say that it is too aggressive. The ASA is investigating the complaints.

vThe advertising watchdog has banned a Bartle Bogle Hegarty ad for the KFC Mini Chicken Fillet Burger following complaints that the product is smaller than depicted in the commercial. The advertiser argues that the actress holding the burger had small hands.

vA Holland & Barrett ad created by Guerilla Communications, which was shown during the TV show You Are What You Eat, has been banned by the ASA as it appeared to associate itself with the programme and made “unsubstantiated” claims about price reductions.


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