ASA looking into sexy Jaguar campaign ad

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is looking into complaints against a Jaguar mailer ad, which was designed as a letter from a secret admirer.

The complainants objected that they had to ring up the Royal Mail to find out the source of the letter, since it gave no indication of being a Jaguar ad campaign.

The letter said: “Everybody has their weaknesses. What might drive you wild? Could be the touch of skin on your fingertips, a long honed body, firm sensuous curves, a deep responsive purr or do you simply like the feeling of raw power? If so, I think I have the perfect match for you. I will send you a photo next week.” The ASA has received six complaints, so far, against the campaign.

The advertising watchdog has upheld complaints against broadband internet provider blueyonder, which sent out direct mailers in an envelope misleadingly implying that it contained a genuine school report. The advertiser argues that blueyonder is a government approved supplier of internet services to schools.

The ASA has also reprimanded Bristol City Council and ordered it to amend a poster campaign, which links donations to beggars and death by heroin overdose. The poster campaign uses the tagline: “Most beggars in Bristol are heroin addicts. Heroin kills. This could be the pound that kills him. Don’t kill with kindness.” But the ASA has not upheld the complaints challenging the claim that “most beggars in Bristol are heroin addicts.”


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