ASA pulls plug on Coors Light TV ad for appealing to underage drinkers

A television ad for Coors Light lager featuring two white men singing a reggae-style song about the drink has been banned by the advertising regulator for appealing to under 18-year-olds.

ASAThe Advertising Standards Authority has ruled the sing-ing and exaggerated moves in the ad, created by Leith agency, could appeal strongly to underage audiences. The watchdog has told Coors to avoid themes that are associated with immature, adolescent or childish behaviour.

The ASA has also banned a TV ad for Mars-owned Maltesers that claims each chocolate ball contains less than 11 calories. Mars has been censured by the ASA for implying that Maltesers was a low energy product.

The ad, created by Abbott Mead Vickers.BBDO, triggered a complaint from a Food Safety and Standards officer, who challenged the voiceover stating/ “At less than 11 calories each, you’ll need new ways to be naughty.”

The ASA has ruled that because Maltesers contain 505 calories per 100g, a low energy claim should not have been made.

The use of the words “less than” gave this misleading impression, and should be removed before the ad can be rebroadcast.

A similar complaint was upheld against a TV ad for Jaffa Cakes, created by Publicis, which misleadingly claimed there was “only one gram of fat” in each biscuit, which could be misinterpreted as low fat.


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