ASA raps BT over ‘misleading’ campaign for broadband

AÂBTÂtelevisionÂcampaign promoting the company’s 2MB broadband services, featuring a father wanting to share digital pictures of his baby with his relatives, has been banned by advertising watchdog theÂAdvertisingÂStandards Authority (ASA).

It follows complaints that the ad, which carries the strapline “ShareÂdigitalÂphotographs almost instantly with new 2MB broadband”, could be misinterpreted to mean that it is faster to upload information onto the internet or e-mail, while the increased speed simply makes downloading faster.

The campaign was created by Abbott Mead Vickers.BBDO.

The ASA has also upheld a complaint against a poster campaign for BBC Radio 3 radio station with the tagline “A live concert every night”.

It has ruled that the ad suggested that a concertÂwouldÂbeÂbroadcastÂliveÂevery night. In fact, a pre-recorded live concert may be played.

The ASA has asked the radio station to amend the slogan to avoid confusion.

In a separate instance, complaints that a TV ad for DFS Sofas would encourage fly-tipping have not been upheld. Leeds-based agency Phillipson Ward Longworth Camponi created the ad.

The ad, which featured shots of old sofas abandoned in different locations, drew criticism from employees of the Environment Agency and others who say that it condones illegal furniture dumping.

However, the ASA has ruled that the ad is light-hearted and does not encourage dumping. It also points out that the ad carries the message “please dispose of your sofa responsibly” at the start of the ad.


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