ASA rebukes First Quench letter spoof

First Quench Retailing has been rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over a spoof letter that looks like a note from a neighbour, following complaints from a Trading Standards Department.

The letter was inscribed in a typeface resembling handwriting “from a neighbour” and included coupons for Thresher Wine Shop, Victoria Wine and Wine Rack. The letter stated: “Dear neighbour, I have been getting these ‘special offers’ through the mail from that new Thresher off-licence. I am sure you share my concerns about what it could mean for our neighbourhood if these coupons fall into the wrong hands…”

ASA has asked the advertiser not to repeat the approach as it could distress vulnerable recipients.

The advertising watchdog has also reprimanded Tesco for a leaflet that advertises the retailer’s organic range for misleadingly implying that organic food is safer than conventional food. The leaflet is headlined: “Organic your everyday choice.”

Separately complaints against Bacardi-Martini’s poster ads for linking alcohol with violence have not been upheld. The ads show Vinnie Jones holding Bacardi Rum bottles by the neck. The strapline says: “Welcome to Latin qu4rter.”


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