ASA rejects complaints over Playboy ‘Morgasms’ posters

Playboy Television’s “Morgasms” advertising campaign has generated 70 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority.

The objections centre on a poster headlined “Morgasms – Lets make love… erotic TV for lovers” which it is claimed is overtly offensive in a medium that can be seen by children.

However, the ASA has rejected the complaint because it is unlikely that children will understand it and it does not go beyond the limits of acceptability.

In a separate move, Oxfam – along with 71 members of the public – complained about a mailshot from Moore Laboratories for its Citra-Slim slimming product.

The company sent out what appeared to be a page torn from a magazine with a note attached which reads “you should try this, it really works”.

The mailshot then went on to say “lose weight and help Oxfam”, claiming that it had joined forces with Oxfam and that successful slimmers could donate their old clothing to the charity.

Oxfam has no connection with the advertiser and says it had not given consent for its name to be used. The complaints were upheld.

The ASA also upheld complaints about a poster campaign from Ocean Software for computer game Doom which carries the line “Go to Hell… you deserve it”.


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