ASA slams Mini ads for encouraging speeding

BMW has been slammed by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over an interactive internet ad for the Mini range which appeared to encourage speeding.

The regulator has told BMW not to repeat the approach, which drew four complaints, and advised them to consult CAP Copy Advice in future.

The interactive ad featured a close-up of a man behind the wheel of a car with a graphic of an accelerator pedal superimposed with text stating “Floor It”. When clicked, the car appeared to accelerate and the man’s face began to ripple with the g-force. The ad finished with the line: “Now with extra oomph, the all new Mini”.

The ASA noted that though the ad was user-initiated and of a surreal nature, speed and acceleration was the predominant message and it could be seen to encourage speeding.

  • L’Oréal has also been rapped by the ASA for a TV and press ad for Telescopic mascara that featured the actress Penelope Cruz, claiming up to 60% longer lashes. A complainant challenged whether the ads were misleading as she believed Cruz was wearing false eyelashes and thought the ads exaggerated the lash length that could be achieved by the product.

    L’Oréal told the ASA that Cruz was wearing a few individual false lashes, inserted to fill in gaps in her natural lashes. The company claimed that the increase in length could be achieved irrespective of whether lashes were false or real.

    L’Oréal was instructed to include a disclaimer in future ads featuring models wearing false lashes and to ensure ads made clear claims referring to the appearance of lashes rather than an actual extension that could be achieved with the mascara.


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