ASA to probe Douwe Egberts cup above ad

The Advertising Standards Authority has received complaints about an ad for Douwe Egberts coffee featuring a woman talking about her breast implants with the tagline “A cup above”.

The ad, created by Minerva, cannot be shown during children’s programming, but four complaints were received after it was aired during daytime shows.

An ad for Pizza Hut has been cleared by the ASA of making misleading claims. The Wieden & Kennedy London-created commercial features a character promoting the Full Works Meal for four people. Text shows that the meal consists of two starters, two pizzas, two ice creams and four drinks.

Complainants said the text contradicted the spoken description. However, the ASA has ruled that the ad showed the meal was designed for four people sharing.

A Levi’s ad was also cleared by the ASA after a newspaper reader complained that it showed a man holding his erect penis. The ad, featuring the strapline “Can’t pull ’em apart”, shows a man pulling at the belt loops of his jeans, sewn into his waist. It was created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

But the ASA censored a Daily Mail ad for claiming that a DVD that came free with the paper was worth &£15.99. The ASA said that the version of the film given away with the paper was not available in shops and was different to versions sold in stores, therefore it cannot be claimed to be worth &£15.99.


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