ASA to review complaints handling

The Advertising Standards Authority is to launch a review of its complaints handling procedure as part of a wider consultation of its processes.

Guy Parker
Guy Parker

The review will focus on the advertising watchdog’s core operations including how it handles complaints from the public and companies.

It will also probe how the ASA’s executive undertakes proactive monitoring of advertisements as well as its enforcement of decisions.

The pre-publication advice the Copy Advice Team, which offers guidance on non-broadcast ads prior to launch, provides will also be looked at.

The review comes five years after the creation of the ASA as a single “one-stop shop” regulator.

According to a statement, the anniversary is “a good time to take a step back to have a good look at how we do things”.

The review follows the consultation earlier this year on the content of the advertising codes, separately written by the Committee of Advertising Practice and Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice, which has recently closed.

An external consultant will be employed to undertake the process review, which will start in October.


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