ASA upholds complaints about Clarins campaign

Cosmetics giant Clarins has been censured by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over claims that its Expertise 3P product can protect against anti-ageing and improve skin health by stopping electromagnetic waves.

The ASA has upheld complaints against a press ad and leaflet for the brand because it claimed that the product had “super-adapting powers against all types of pollution” and for causing unnecessary concern about harm caused by electromagnetic waves.

The campaign claimed: “If electromagnetic waves can penetrate walls, imagine what they can do to your skin” and “Today electromagnetic waves generated by a host of modern day electronic devices join a list of well-known pollutants which can damage skin.”

Clarins claimed that its mist-spray product can help protect the skin against “all kinds of modern pollution”.

The ASA has not upheld complaints against a BMW press ad that showed spoof car technologies, such as hands-free and instant messaging, as part of an April Fool’s Day campaign.

It has also not upheld complaints against TV ads for Wrigley-owned Orbit Complete chewing gum range. One execution showed an Asian man in a white suit fighting thin air and watched by a white man and woman. Complainants challenged the advert for being offensive and racist, because it showed a person of ethnic minority behaving “foolishly” while being observed by white people. The complaints have not been upheld.

Meanwhile, the regulator has said that it will not be investigating complaints against baby formula brand SMA after an article in OK! featuring glamour model Jordan appeared to endorse the brand. It has prompted an outcry from lobby groups.


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