Asda and Diageo tackle alcohol at home

Asda has teamed up with drinks maker Diageo to launch a responsible drinking campaign to help consumers keep track of how much alcohol they consumer at home.


Asda with give away 20,000 unit measuring cups during the bank holiday weekend to help customers pour accurate measures.

The supermarket will stage a “UNITversity Challenge” experiential activity to challenge shoppers on their knowledge of how many units are in average drinks.

The activity is part of both companies’ ongoing commitment to the Government’s Responsibility Deal.

Diageo is also trialling an interactive DrinkIQ kiosk in Asda’s Milton Keynes store to help shoppers check how much they’re drinking on different social occasions.

The partnership comes as new research from Liverpool John Moores University reveals that the number of people admitted to hospital from drink-related conditions rose 44% between 2004/05 and 2009/10.

It coincides with the third annual Drinkaware campaign under the “Why let good times go bad” strapline, which also launches this weekend.



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