Asda gears up for card launch

Asda is extending trials of its customer loyalty Club Card, which it has been secretly testing since November, and says it could go national with the scheme at short notice.

The development follows last month’s launch of the Clubcard discount loyalty scheme by Tesco. Co-incidentally, Asda’s loyalty card is also called Club Card.

Asda has confirmed that tests in three stores have been extended to a further two. “We have the technology to launch such a scheme nationally at very short notice,” says a spokesman.

The chain is understood to have the least loyal customers of the big grocery chains, making it a likely candidate for the launch of the next national discount loyalty scheme.

The Asda Club Card offers points on multiples of £5 spent by shoppers. Points accrued can be used for free gifts from the Asda Club catalogue.

Sainsbury’s is believed to be preparing to launch a loyalty card nationally, though it will not offer discounts. It is understood that, instead, the card will offer “more sophisticated rewards” such as wine tastings, cookery demonstrations and free sampling.


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