Asda leaves Fleming speechless

The Diary can reveal that it was not just Michael Fleming who was caught out by the turn of events last week which saw his rather sudden departure from Asda.

Fleming was lined up to speak at the Marketing Society’s retail conference in September but the society received an apologetic call from the supermarket chain earlier in the week saying that Mr Fleming could not make it and offering an alternative speaker, trading director Tony Campbell. “Asda knew what was going on and offered a replacement,” says a society spokeswoman. Luckily the event is in the early stages of preparation, so the society will not have to amend its brochure to erase Fleming from history.

The subject of the talk? Asda Recovery And Beyond. The Diary cannot be the only person who thinks Fleming’s views on the subject could be a whole lot more interesting now than they were two weeks ago.


Comet shake-up to halt decline

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By December, we’ll be the eighth-largest photo processing centre in the country,” says one, while another boasts proudly about the development of a pharmacy counter that would have made the mighty Jesse Boot’s eyes smart with envy. Books, perfumes, health checks, dry cleaning, petrol, cards, gifts, clothes, plants, condoms, magazines and newspapers, stationery, toys, crèches, […]

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The Diary would like to thank everyone who responded to its plea for alternative versions of what “Saatchi” might stand for. But the response was so pitiful that it will only thank Ian Metcalfe of SPS Advertising, who came up with Sad Ad Agency Tycoon Claims Higher Inspiration. The Diary hopes that readers will seek […]


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