Asda rewards loyalty with vouchers

Asda has made its first move towards loyalty driven marketing with the launch of a voucher giveaway initiative.

The Asda Green Voucher Book is the first of two planned voucher giveaways designed to reward customers in the run up to Christmas.

The supermarket is giving customers a booklet with £40 worth of vouchers for every spend over £40.

Asda says the voucher book is “a big thank you” to customers and offers shoppers discounts on premium grocery items such as steak, champagne and products in its Extra Special range as well as everyday items such as bread and pet food.

Asda has long rejected loyalty schemes such as those adopted by its rivals Tesco and Sainsbury’s focussing instead on offering Everyday Low Prices.

It is not known whether the voucher reward books will become a permanent feature in Asda’s marketing strategy but it suggests a move towards loyalty, not just price driven marketing.

Asda, which ahs seen its market share slip in recent months, has also relaunched its mid- mid-market grocery range “Chosen by You” in a bid to improve its quality perceptions.

The promotion is running until 31 October and vouchers can be redeemed until 14 November. A second Red Voucher Book will be issued on 8 November offering a new set of discount vouchers for own label, branded and seasonal products.

Deals include Goodfellas pizza’s for 50p, all champagne that is £20 or over for £5 and a £5 voucher off every £100 order on

Asda is also running a press and TV campaign to promote the voucher scheme.


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