Asda signs Spice Girls

Supermarket chain signs exclusive merchandising deal to exploit pre-Christmas spending spree.

Asda is launching a wide range of Spice Girls products exclusive to the chain in what is thought to be the UK’s biggest merchandising deal.

The supermarket giant will stock over 40 Spice Girls branded goods including food, clothing, gifts and stationery from the end of next month to capitalise on the pre-Christmas spending rush.

Christmas crackers, individual pizzas with each band member representing a different flavour, homewear, books and videos will be among the products.

The deal will be promoted in Asda’s pre-Christmas television advertising campaign through Publicis and through extensive point-of-sale material.

Julian Henry, a spokesman for the Spice Girls, says that the deal is “one of a number of big pre-Christmas tie-ups with various brands which will provide top quality, affordable products for the Girls’ fans”.

Since becoming one of the UK’s most successful pop groups, the Spice Girls have signed deals with Pepsi Cola, Walkers crisps, Elida Fabergé, Channel 5, Polaroid, PMS stationery products and Chupa Chups lollipops (see page 8).

Spice Girls Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown, Victoria Addams and Melanie Chisholm recently applied to the Patent Office to register the band name as a trademark across all product categories from cars to toiletries.


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