Asda sparks petrol pump price war

Tesco and Asda are sparring over petrol prices as both supermarkets cut petrol prices.

Asda revealed earlier today that it would slash 2p a litre on fuel and 1p a litre on diesel.

Tesco followed suit revealing similar price cuts of up to 2p per litre, from this evening.

In a statement, Tesco says the cuts are in response to an “easing of the pressure on world oil prices” and is passing on the lower prices to customers.

It also highlighted an additional promotion on petrol prices offering Tesco customers further 5p off per litre. Customers can also earn Clubcard points on

Tesco says the cuts mean “motorists across the country will find our fuel prices hard to beat.”

Asda’s price cuts take effect from tomorrow (20 May) and make petrol 115.9p a litre, while diesel will be 118.9p a litre.

The cuts come as the Automotive Association warns that the average price of petrol in the UK has gone up to a record high of 121.61p a litre.

Both supermarkets say they wont launch ad campaigns to promote the price cuts.

Asda launched its Price Guarantee earlier this month, claiming that it would end the price wars between the supermarkets.



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