Asda takes lead from mums on election

Asda is looking to leverage the power of mums in the run up to the general election with an online initiative to engage Asda customers to blog about politics.

Asda mums campaign
Asda mums campaign

The supermarket is looking for “Asda mums” to keep online diaries and share what they think about the election and the issues that matter most to them and their families, in comparison to what politicians are saying.

In a blog post on the YourAsda page, the supermarket says: “As the parties battle it out to control the political agenda our agenda will be driven by the mums. We’re not interested in the party politics of the election and we won’t take sides. What we’re interested in is what’s happening in Asda mums’ lives – what are the things they want the politicians address and how well are the politicians engaging with real people throughout the campaign.”

The supermarket will also be hosting online Q&A sessions with politicians from the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties in the run up to the general election.

Asda carried out surveys asking mums on its “Pulse of the nation” panel about the election and found that the cost of living was their top priority, followed by education, immigration, crime and the NHS.

The survey revealed that less than 1% of mums trust politicians, 74% believe politicians don’t listen to people like them and only 44% definitely plan to vote in the upcoming general election.

Asda found that 70% of mums say they would be more likely to contact their MP if they held regular surgeries in their local supermarket.


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