Asda takes Mach 3 row to High Court

Asda has launched legal proceedings against Gillette after claiming that the razor manufacturer tried to stop the chain from selling its own-brand three-blade shaving system, Tri-Flex.

The row, first revealed in Marketing Week (June 10), centres on the Asda Tri-Flex, which has blades compatible with Gillette’s Sensor and Sensor Excel handles, though not with the Mach 3.

The Asda Tri-Flex, manufactured by the American Safety Razor Company, was launched last month in competition to Gillette’s new Mach3 three-bladed razor.

The supermarket claims Gillette is threatening legal action to stop it stating on the packaging that the Asda blades fit Gillette handles.

In a pre-emptive strike, Asda filed proceedings this week, seeking a “declaration of non-infringement” from the High Court. This unusual declaration would block Gillette from taking legal action against Asda.

Gillette has 28 days to respond to the action.


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