Asos tempts brand advocates with discounts and exclusive events

Asos is launching a new site that gives fans of the online retailer behind-the-scenes access, as well as the opportunity to enter competitions and attend exclusive events. 


The retailer says AccessAllAsos is aimed at letting people with a passion for Asos “get closer” to the retailer, rewarding them for being advocates with freebies and exclusive discounts. It is hoping to find “style-obsessed” people who love the brand and are also active on social media sites, tweeting outfits or blogging about new products on the site.

“We are looking for people that truly love Asos and will really get something out of the “Insider” access. Overall we want to create a closer relationship with our customers, giving them insider access to everything that is going on at ASOS and engage in more conversations with them about ASOS in general,” says an Asos spokesperson.

The service will initially only be open to a “relatively small” group, although the retailer says it aims to ”get as many people involved as want to be” in the future. Anyone that wants to join the scheme from the outset will need to apply, proving their social media credentials and their passion for ASOS. Applications close today (14 October). 

Asos has successfully tapped into demand for online shopping among young women hoping to emulate the styles of celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss. It combines e-commerce with social media and content marketing, with its Asos magazine now one of the most widely read fashion publications in the UK.

That focus has paid dividends, with the firm’s retail sales jumping 40 per cent to £754m in its fiscal full year. It now has 7.1 million active customers, up from 5 million a year ago.

Asos is just the latest firm to offer incentives to consumers to act as brand advocates. Under Armour and Adidas paid fans to become online advocates in an effort to spur sales, while Puma earlier this year started offering cash to social media fans to allow them to use their content in its global marketing campaign.



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