Aston Martin and Wakeley launch clothes collection

Aston Martin is launching a clothing range in association with designer Amanda Wakeley at this week’s London Fashion Week.

The “Amanda Wakeley with Aston Martin” collection will go on sale next year and will be distributed through Amanda Wakeley’s website and Aston Martin dealer partners around the world. Wakeley will also act as a brand ambassador for Aston Martin as part of the collaboration.

Aston Martin chairman and chief executive Ulrich Bez says: “Beautiful design and unparalleled attention to detail are central to Aston Martin’s ethos of power, beauty and soul. We share similar values to Amanda when it comes to the quality of our materials and our craftsmanship.”

Wakeley, who says she has always wanted to work with the company, adds: “Aston Martin is an iconic British brand with global recognition. Style, luxury and the use of only the best materials are values we share.”

Earlier this year, Aston Martin teamed up with Nokia to launch a branded mobile phone costing more than £800 (MW April 13).

The limited edition Nokia 8800 features a laser-etched Aston Martin logo on a stainless steel casing.

The marque’s famous strapline “Power, Beauty and Soul” is etched on to the phone’s charger and the packaging bears the Aston Martin wings.

Aston Martin is reportedly up for sale as part of Ford’s restructuring of its business, but it is now being claimed that an informal agreement was reached almost a year ago for the marque to seek new ownership.


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