Atheist group hits back at religious ads

The British Humanist Association (BHA) is launching an ad campaign on London buses featuring the strapline “There’s probably no God”. The move has been made in response to an ad currently being run by Christian group Jesus Said.

The BHA campaign, created by its in-house team and backed by comedy writer Ariane Sherine and atheist author Richard Dawkins, will launch in January.

The association has so far raised £18,000 to fund the campaign. The atheist message has been made in retaliation to existing Jesus Said ads on London buses that states: “threaten hellfire for unbelievers”.

A BHA spokesman says: “Our slogan will reassure humanists and is in response to the widely run religious ads.”

In June, Jesus Said launched ads on London buses which features its website address and suggested that non-believers will meet eternal damnation.

The BHA is also considering extending its campaign to other UK cities such as Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester. The spokesman says that the initial campaign will start with the central London borough of Westminster.


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