ATMs set to offer customers bank loans

NCR, which makes automated teller machines (ATMs), is launching a service to allow on-screen marketing aimed at individual customers at cash machines.

The software means consumers could be offered and accept loans while at an ATM. Banks will be able to remind people that, for instance, their fixed-rate mortgage is about to expire and request permission to call about other mortgage offers.

The software links up ATMs with the customer relationship management databases of financial companies, allowing an immediate response, which, NCR says, compares favourably with direct mail.

The new systems will also enable ATMs to greet customers by name and allow them to choose preferred transactions, such as a set cash withdrawal or reminders about personal dates such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Individual banks will decide how consumers are introduced to the new software, but customers will be allowed to opt out of the service.

NCR expects the new ATMs to be introduced to the UK within a year. They are already used in the US and Asia by ten different banks. NCR claims to have had widespread interest from UK banks about the new software and says two undisclosed banks have agreed to pilot it.

Approximately 80 per cent of the cash tills in the UK are produced by NCR.


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