Atom Bank creates 1.4 million logos in bid to prove ‘customer obsession’

Atom Bank has created 1.4 million logos in a bid to tailor the customer experience ahead of the brand’s launch in the first quarter as it seeks to be a “customer obsessed” organisation.

Besides choosing a personalised logo, customers will also have their own personal colour palette which drives the visual experience when using the app. They can also call the bank what they want to – within reason – such as Jenny’s bank or Peter’s bank.

The mobile-only brand’s CMO Lisa Wood told Marketing Week that personalisation has been a dominant theme throughout the entire process.

“We want to be highly personal and demonstrate this at every point of our proposition that it’s about the customer, not us. We’re a customer obsessed organisation.

“It’s a way of showing that we believe every one of our customers is unique. No one should have exactly the same experience of Atom. Visually, it will also look very different from other bank experiences,” she said.

Wood said that a personalised colour-theme and logo is only “one aspect” of the brand offering a tailored experience. In December, the bank announced that customers will be able to use face and voice biometrics to log on to the app. It is built using gaming platform Unity, which will involve 3D animation and sound to engage customers.

More personalisation features will also be introduced after the app’s launch. Atom is currently in closed beta and plans to launch later in Q1.

Through the personalisation features, the brand is aiming to become a “next generation” bank, where the brand strategy is focused on the consumer instead of itself.

She concluded: “It’s not about the customer relationship with us, or our relationship with customers’ money. The traditional old banks constantly reference their relationship with its customers, but our brand strategy is about us helping people understand money much better.”



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