Audi to be launch brand on ‘UK’s largest ad screen’

Audi is to be the debut advertiser of the UK’s largest in-door advertising screen housed in London’s Waterloo Station, which is operated by the recently-launched JCDecauxLive division.   

The ad slots will go live on the screen – which measures 40m x 3m providing 120m squared of ad space – at the end of September gaining the brand exposure of up to 1.5 million per weekday of its tenancy. 

It remains unclear as to which models Audi will advertise on the screen or the length of the planned campaign but sources at the company confirmed its ads will feature on the animated screen at launch. A spokesman was unavailable for interview. 

JCDecauxLive claims the screens – dubbed Waterloo Motion – are the largest in-door advertising screens in the UK, making it one of the largest of its kind in the world which will offer brands the ability to showcase content across the entire screen, or split it into equal segments to create a story board. 

A mock up of how the board will look can be seen above with an earlier ‘teaser video’ also posted below.   

The new JCDecauxLive division was launched last week to act as a ‘one stop shop’ for brands looking to launch experiential campaigns in areas of high footfall, such as major transport hubs and areas like Covent Garden, replacing its earlier Concourse Initiatives division.  

Jeremy Male, CEO of JCDecaux UK and Northern Europe, says: “Experiential not only complements our existing outdoor advertising estate but by linking to digital screens facilitates engaging, multi-dimensional campaigns that harness the latest in social media to deliver real value for our customers.”



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