Australian cleaning giant plans UK push

An Australian manufacturer of household cleaning products is to launch its best-selling brands in the UK next month, with plans to support them through TV and radio advertising.

Family owned OzKleen, based in Yatala, Queensland, has national listings in Safeway for kitchen and bathroom cleaners Kitchen Power and Bath Power.

Founder Tom Quinn and his son Mark, OzKleen’s international marketing manager, visited the UK last week with the aim of increasing brand distribution and investigating the appointment of an ad agency.

OzKleen may be one of the first companies to sign up to Check-Out – the partnership recently launched by Granada Media Sales and supermarket chain Morrisons to provide distribution for new products in return for a guarantee of TV ad support (MW October 7).

Mark Quinn says: “We are a fairly young company, and we are 100 per cent Australian. Our unique selling point is that we make products that actually work. Once you have tried our cleaners, you will be amazed. They shift limescale without elbow grease, and are particularly good in hard water areas.”

The two products will be distributed in the UK by Foodbrokers.

Bath Power, known as Shower Power in Australia, was launched there in 1995. Within two years, it had become the country’s number one household cleaner.

The company has since expanded into Japan, Singapore, New Zealand and Taiwan.


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