Aaron Inglethorpe


Mobile web turns a crisis into a disaster

Aaron Inglethorpe

The worst-case scenario for brands is now total destruction, so integrity in business and advertising is more essential than ever. What’s the worst thing that can happen? So goes the line to entice awkward teenagers to try the unknown taste of soft drink Dr Pepper. But perhaps this slogan should be applied more widely by […]


Regulators must reach for the sky…not tinker

Aaron Inglethorpe

The Communications Act of 2015 is a chance for the UK to create a deregulatory ’big bang’ that will see its digital revolution flourish. Last week, as one chapter closed in newspapers and TV, a new chapter opened on a new Communications Act for the digital age. First, culture minister Jeremy Hunt ruled on News […]


As one door closes, another opens window of real-time opportunity

Aaron Inglethorpe

As the opportunities for marketers to exploit Skype’s potential grow, social media has suffered a very serious setback. Two stories hit the headlines last week that are likely to change marketing communications for the next few years. First, Microsoft bought internet phone service Skype for $8.5bn (£5.2bn). With some financial analysts questioning whether Microsoft has […]


Watch and learn as the COI goes advertising cold turkey

Aaron Inglethorpe

What happens to a campaign when funding is permanently cut? The Government’s COI ad freeze will reveal all. About the same time as this edition of Marketing Week lands on your desk, the Chancellor will set out the Government’s four-year public spending plans in the comprehensive spending review (CSR). The CSR’s usual Treasury-led process to […]

Andrew Harrison

ITV chiefs’ vision for the future is out of focus

Aaron Inglethorpe

ITV’s new five-year plan places too much emphasis on digital and online, and risks underselling the potential of core product. Adam Crozier, ITV’s new chief executive, unveiled the broadcaster’s latest five-year plan at its strategy review with the City last week. Much of the plan sounds sensible – including the launch of new digital channels, […]