David Burrows

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New demand driving sustainable food growth

David Burrows

Sales of organic and locally sourced foods are on the increase and the wider food industry is once again looking to sustainability as a differentiator, with McDonald’s and KFC making new sourcing commitments, but brands still have work to do to convince consumers.

Attribution models need to evolve to survive

David Burrows

It’s no secret that the most common marketing attribution models are reaching the end of their shelf-life. They are easy to use and implement, but ‘first click’ and ‘last click’ are seen as over-simplistic in a world where shopper journeys are increasingly complex.

The Tube, TFL

How to avoid unreliable data

David Burrows

Traditional market research can produce distorted information, but brands are now using big data and new technology to better understand not only what people do but why they do it.

Consumers natural habitats

How to use ethnography for in-depth consumer insight

David Burrows

Spending a weekend sitting in someone else’s house reporting when, why and how much they ate, drank, bathed, watched TV or used their mobile phone isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but for a marketer it is one of the best ways to gain deeper customer insight.

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Video SEO: Moving on up

David Burrows

As search engines change and grow, instructive and entertaining videos are becoming a crucial way for brands to get an edge on competitors in search rankings and keep their audience engaged.