David Burrows


More than climate change

David Burrows

The many definitions of sustainability make the concept hard to communicate effectively. David Burrows talks to seven industry experts about how they help their teams and stakeholders understand the complex issues involved.


Measurement: Making the grade

David Burrows

To be taken seriously at board level, the PR industry needs to work out how to measure the outcomes – not just the outputs – of its work. It’s easier said than done, say the experts, but some teams have succeeded.


Customer journey starts in the great outdoors

David Burrows

Marketers need to reassess their view of the customer journey, according to new research by the Outdoor Media Centre (OMC) that appears to indicate the traditional path to purchase has become more circuitous because of social media and the internet. The study, seen exclusively by Marketing Week, concludes that the customer journey is no longer […]


Get more miles per marketing gallon

David Burrows

Field marketers are manoeuvring social media tactics into their experiential campaigns to drive their power and achieve greater endurance. Social media is giving field marketing a new lease of life by enabling brands to extend the shelf life of campaigns after face-to-face engagement. Coca-Cola used the technique this summer in Israel at its Summer Love […]


Brands are welcomed on to the stage

David Burrows

Funding cuts in the arts and entertainment sectors have made the public more accepting of brand involvement, but the role consumers require of them is so much more than as bankrollers. Brands need to become the new patrons of music, entertainment and culture, according to new research shown exclusively to Marketing Week. With government budgets […]