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Quadrangle segmentation masterclass

A masterclass in segmentation

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What are the learnings for marketers from three video case studies on segmentation? Co-op director of group marketing Gill Barr, marketing professor Patrick Barwise and Marketing Week editor Ruth Mortimer discuss the essential lessons from ‘The Uses of Research’ video series devoted to segmentation, created by the exclusive partnership between Marketing Week and Quadrangle.

Quadrangle HMRC

‘The Uses of Research’ – Segmentation: HMRC

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Segmentation changed the culture at HMRC so it became customer-focused and stopped thinking of non-payers of tax as criminals. Find out how the strategy paid off in the third in our video series on The Uses of Research from the exclusive partnership between Marketing Week and Quadrangle.

Sony Quadrangle

‘The Uses of Research’ – Segmentation: Sony Music

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To download and keep this film, please click here Research is a key tool for chief marketing officers looking to remain competitive and innovative in a fast-changing business landscape. To help CMOs and senior marketers learn more about research and how to extract, utilise and benefit from customer insight, Marketing Week is partnering with specialist […]


Investing in marketing skills to stay competitive

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Marketers have had to quick to learn the new techniques, adopt the new rules and embrace the new order, whilst also fighting for recognition of marketing’s strategic importance. So how much importance is placed on the development of marketing skills in order that organisations stay competitive? We put some questions to a panel of senior personnel whose job function specifically deals with the development of marketing capabilities at some top UK brands.