David Reed


Email marketing – why relevance is key to response

David Reed

Permission may be the fuel of email marketing, but it is relevance that sparks it alight. And what any marketer can learn in a hurry using this channel is that, unless you convert that precious consent into an interesting message, it can rapidly be withdrawn.

David Reed

Working with data reveals its value

David Reed

Interest is reviving in the concept of the database as an asset that can be valued on the balance sheet. With the potential return of heat to the equities market, investors are looking for new places to put their money. Companies that can demonstrate a strong data-driven culture that generates profitable customer relationships could mark themselves out as a target.


Domestic & General hits 5 million customers

David Reed

Specialist warranty services group Domestic & General has recruited its five millionth customer in the UK. Growth at the insurance services provider has been largely driven by its Repair Plus One product which extends breakdown coverage on major appliances.


Marketing in search of the absolute

David Reed

Trust is such a key component of customer relationships that you would imagine brands do everything possible to achieve a state of certainty. Verifying the identity of each customer seems like an obvious starting point. Providing completely accurate product details ought to be another component.


Top brands put customers at centre of Summit

David Reed

Leading financial services brands, including Allianz, Barclays, Citi, Co-Operative Financial Services, Santander and Visa, will be explaining how they have adopted customer-centric marketing strategies at this year’s Financial Services Summit.


Fewer voters opt-out of data use

David Reed

For the first time in a decade, the proportion of adults registering to vote who opt-out from having their data used for marketing purposes has fallen.

Instant music – why the wait?

David Reed

News that Universal and Sony Music are to make music tracks available forpurchase on the same day as theyare first aired on radio is very welcome. But it has to come with the question – why the long wait? The last 10 years have been soundtracked by the music industry complaining that piracy has been […]

David Reed

Barclays banks on being pers

David Reed

Marketing has expanded its boundaries to such an extent that, in some companies, its impact is being felt across every function. Barclays is a good example. As the bank’s head of CRM Richard Zanetti explains in this issue’s profile on pages 48-50, the marketing function determines how to talk to customers based on their needs, […]


The man who put the buck back into banking

David Reed

Barclays’ switch to response-based marketing resulted in a new data platform that predicts customers’ needs. No easy task, says David Reed, who talks to the man who made it happen, head of CRM Richard Zanetti

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