Helen Tupper

Five ways brands can better manage millennials in the workplace

Helen Tupper

Millennials will account for 50% of the global workforce within the next four years so brands need to understand how to manage them more effectively. That means creating a collaborative environment where people are continually challenged so they don’t get bored and allowing them to take ownership of their development, says Helen Tupper, careers consultant and head of marketing at Virgin Red.

Businesses full of curious minds are far better equipped to succeed

Helen Tupper

Management buzzwords come along at such a rate that you can be forgiven for rolling your eyes when presented with a new one, but in the case of curiosity quotient (CQ) there is considerable merit. First, there was IQ (intelligence quotient), then it was all about EQ (emotional quotient) and now along comes CQ and the killer question: how curious are you?

Returning to work after maternity

Women at work

According to Grant Thornton’s 2015 Women in Business Report, 28% of women see parenthood as a barrier to progressing at work and 40% feel their career takes a back seat to their partners once they do finally return.

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