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David Beckham: a history in ads

Josie Allchin

As David Beckham kicks back and settles into his retirement from football, we celebrate his most memorable appearances in ads, from gallivanting in his pants, getting steamy with Mrs Golden Balls and attempting his best – but somewhat limited – acting skills.

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Turn here for your career ‘satnav’ to navigate the twists and turns of modern marketing

Josie Allchin

Two intertwining strands are currently preoccupying many marketers. There’s the issue of talent – how to recruit the right kind, how to nurture it, how to retain it. Running alongside is a growing concern about personal career development, which is increasingly coming to the fore as traditional career paths no longer seem so straightforward or even available.

Case study: Southern Comfort

Josie Allchin

In a bid to move away from advertising its New Orleans heritage in the UK, in 2012 Southern Comfort’s new agency Wieden+Kennedy created the TV spot ‘Beach’, showing a confident middle-aged man striding down the beach in just his swimming trunks holding a glass of Southern Comfort.


Amazon details currency launch

Josie Allchin

Amazon has confirmed the launch of its Appstore digital currency Amazon Coins, a move that comes as it is announced it has also agreed to acquire a digital display company from Samsung to help bolster its manufacturing efforts.

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News brands and advertisers must get round the table

Josie Allchin

Print media brands and their advertisers have a rather dysfunctional relationship. Publications depend on advertising revenue to sustain their business models – an increasingly urgent issue when circulations are taking a hit from the rapid dissemination of online news and information. Advertisers, on the other hand, depend on there being strong news and magazine brands that can continue to draw in large audiences across all channels.

Beatrice Lafon: How I would fix…

Josie Allchin

Marketing Week asked Lafon how she would fix three of the UK’s biggest retailers. While she makes it clear that it would be “arrogant to believe one person would have all the answers looking in from the outside”, she offers the following thoughts:


Sign up to the Modern Marketing Manifesto

Josie Allchin

To stimulate debate and help focus attention on the talents, skills and approaches we believe are fundamental to the development of the marketing discipline and the personal development of practitioners, Marketing Week and sister brand Econsultancy recently formulated a manifesto for modern marketing.

Data privacy: the third way

Josie Allchin

Regarding your ‘Privacy: for whose eyes only?’ article ( into the likely impacts of looming stringent EU legislation, we need an alternative way forward; a collective effort at self-regulation that both prepares organisations for the impending regulations and demonstrates action to your customer base.