Josie Allchin

The ‘coalition consumer’

Josie Allchin

What consumer behaviours should marketers be mindful of as they plan for the year ahead? Food for thought is provided by The Coalition Consumer, a recent study by HPI Research in partnership with Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw.


Budgets for 2011

Josie Allchin

Marketing budgets increased by a net 0.5% in the third quarter of 2010, according to the latest Bellwether report, but the report’s author and Markit chief economist Chris Williamson urged caution following public sector cuts and the VAT increase. We asked marketers what their budgets are looking like for 2011.


The best campaigns of 2010?

Josie Allchin

Some brands defied reduced marketing budgets and depleted teams in 2010, and employed creative thinking to produce innovative and effective campaigns. We asked senior marketers what they thought was the best campaign of 2010.


Stop the Spam – Time to be intelligent with e-mail

Josie Allchin

Recent research has revealed that the UK is among the worst offenders of sending SPAM e-mails, and more worryingly half of UK companies are now guilty of the practice. Kevin Slatter, managing director of G2 Data Dynamics, argues that the marketing industry needs to put its house in order now. Glancing through the volume of […]


Q&A with Kimberly-Clark executives Troy Warfield and Andrew Bienkowski

Josie Allchin

Click here to read the cover feature – Troy Warfield: Kimberly-Clark’s vice-president of family care for Europe Click here to read how Kimberly-Clark has removed cliches from marketing Kotex Click here to read what other marketers had to ask Troy Warfield and Andrew Bienkowski Marketing Week (MW): What do your roles entail? Troy Warfield (TW): […]


Case study: U by Kotex

Josie Allchin

Kimberly-Clark’s vice president of global marketing and innovation, Andrew Bienkowski, reveals how Kotex has responded to consumer insight to change its brand strategy.


Reasons to be cheerful

Josie Allchin

Mike Welsh, CEO of Publicis Dialog, sees plenty to cheer in 2011. So we’re almost at the end of another difficult year for the direct marketing industry. The recession dividend we normally experience didn’t really happen this time; particularly in offline. Every agency, regardless of discipline, now preaches the gospel of conversation and engagement. And […]