Josie Allchin


Third Life: Merging of the virtual and real worlds

Josie Allchin

Norm Johnston, global digital leader at Mindshare Worldwide, explores the opportunities for advertisers in the ’Third Life’ virtual world. Last weekend I took my three young boys to the Tate Modern Gallery for a quick tour of some of the world’s best modern art. My plan to disperse some cultural wisdom was quickly quelled by […]


What’s in a number?

Josie Allchin

OutNow chief executive Ian Johnson takes the Office for National Statistics to task over its recent survey of the UK’s gay population that he says could be misleading for marketers. At a recent employment and diversity exhibition held in London, there was one corporate advertisement that stood out. There, in a publication primarily targeted at […]


Who’s who online and how to engage them

Josie Allchin

Joe Stubbs, junior consultant at Promise Communities, says that brands must understand the dynamics of what drives people’s desire to engage with them online. First, brands need to understand the different tiers of users that engage online. At the most basic level, there are users who merely consume content. These users may be regular visitors […]


The Direct Debate

Josie Allchin

Mike Welsh, chief executive of Publicis Dialog, argues that it could be time to reflect changes in the approach to direct marketing by rebranding the channel. It’s great to see free flowing debate about direct mail at the moment. A number of key things are falling out – some positive, some negative – and yet […]


Health, wealth and happiness – October

Josie Allchin

Doug Edmonds, managing director at 2CV discusses the nation’s mood in the wake of the Government’s spending review. “Today is the day when Britain steps back from the brink, when we confront the bills from a decade of debt,” Chancellor George Osborne stated last month. The nation was momentarily distracted by the sweet cadence of […]


Brands should hold consumers’ hands

Josie Allchin

Stuart Evans, UK general manager of loyalty specialist ICLP, talks about the future of loyalty and the interaction demanded by consumers. Not many would believe that ten years ago British Airways launched WAP phone check-in for WAP-enabled phones. Last week I downloaded the new BA app to my iPhone, and it does pretty much the […]


The art of fan relationship management

Josie Allchin

Pete Atherton, managing director of The Next Door, argues that falling season ticket sales and activist fan groups highlight the need for football clubs to develop effective CRM programmes. Imagine a brand that is adored by its customers, conjuring almost cultish passion. A brand that is discussed and dreamt about almost every hour of the […]


Customer loyalty and transactional mail

Josie Allchin

Mark Thomson, media director at Royal Mail, argues that transactional mail provides financial services organisations the opportunity to engender loyalty. Most marketers would agree that building customer loyalty is an ongoing battle, and one that they must win if their brand is to prosper. But how can they go about creating loyal customers to ensure […]


The content economy: the answer to brand, publisher and consumer co-existence

Josie Allchin

Alicia Navarro, the founder and chief executive of affiliate marketing company Skimlinks, explains how combining relevant content within text marketing enhances the online consumer experience. Consumers’ love affair with the internet’s treasure chest of information has fuelled the proliferation of content sites: from newspapers’ expansion into internet news portals to the explosion of sites built […]

Plan, plan and plan again

Josie Allchin

Dominic Rowbotham, head of business development at RMI, advises retail marketers on improving planning. Although retail marketing is becoming increasingly important, many brands and agencies still see it as a simple sales uplift mechanism and being a cumbersome and labour intensive to plan and execute. The reality is that retail marketing does more than just […]

What brands can learn from Gap’s logo debacle

Josie Allchin

Jordi Connor, head of information and insight, OgilvyAction, says brands who conduct robust and inclusive research should have confidence in key decisions rooted in the findings. While it is always good practice to be prepared for some dissenters, particularly given the global reach of social media and the ease with which people can comment, if […]

Exploring online engagement

Josie Allchin

Joe Stubbs, junior consultant, Promise Communities, discusses how brands can gain consumer insights from online discussions, but should use this information widely and in context of a bigger picture Social media engagement strategies and buzz monitoring are seen as the latest must have by many companies. Yet very few (if any) business decisions are actually […]